I must have been unconcious most of the time: I (jasonvericose) wrote,
I must have been unconcious most of the time: I

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what i want to know

The computer in the library just froze on this picture of Snookie for must've been a minute and a half which seemed like decades. I can't show the back of my head at this library ever again.

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i literally lol'ed.
It's so very funny.
(checks post again) Yup, still works.

She's just snookin' 4 luv
You'd better start tannin' and gellin'.

(your hair, not the shoe insole things.)
This semester is going to be my Gorilla Juicehead semester. Watch me shine in the fall.
completly unrelated survey of musicians:
do you ever use C#m?
if so, which way do you play it and what fingers go where?
Yea I play c#m in the key of E. I've played it recently in a song where I had a bridge alternating from D#7 to C#m/E. It sounds kinda dreamy. But up on the neck.

You can play Prison Bound by Social distortion. E-B-C#m-B-A. It's kinda cool sounding to play the chords like bar chords but leave both top and low E ringing. Kinda emo I guess.
LOL why were you looking @ that picture?
It was in an article I was reading about how snookie can't trademark her nickname.
no but really I'm totally in love