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I must have been unconcious most of the time: I's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
I must have been unconcious most of the time: I

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You're Still Here? [18 Nov 2011|04:00pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

It's been a while since I looked at this thing.

I'm in the twilight of my twenties. This journal has been around for ten years. Nothing makes any more sense than when I started. Always with one foot rooted in reality and the other in imagination.

I have less hair. Marginalized.


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[15 Nov 2010|09:43pm]
She's engaged
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update [14 Sep 2010|05:32pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

There is nothing like hearing the sound of tangiable doo-doo leaving someone's ass hole in a completely silent, tile floored, high ceiling room. Every fucking morning there is someone in the bottom floor bathroom eleviating themselves of their coffee shits cramp. The commode is always the one right next to the stall I am using. For peeing of course. It never fails. It sounds like masking tape being pulled off a leather sofa or some one punching in a jar of mayonaise. Then there is the whipe. A foot away from me. I am going to have to stop off at another bathroom before my 9 o'clock class from now on.

this is where I go to school. I have classes in a fairy land.

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Ha [23 Aug 2010|12:06pm]
First day back in college. So I am documenting it like the last time I was in college. On my fucking livejournal.
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what i want to know [12 Aug 2010|08:03pm]

The computer in the library just froze on this picture of Snookie for must've been a minute and a half which seemed like decades. I can't show the back of my head at this library ever again.

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man [10 Aug 2010|12:51pm]

so this is what I am reading. so punk.

I filled my moleskine for the month. I think I should recieve an endorsement. I need to be less selfaware, or, less assuming that people give a rats ass about me but I can't help to feel stupid pulling out that little notebook when inspiration strikes and I am in a bar or something. "oh look at the thinker, I'm sure he's making progress on a fucking short story channeling his inner Breece d'j Pancake, sucha young hemmingway haaaaaaaaa, aw his little mental tweets." ha. People can be that cynical here.

Oxford Mississippi. Rednecks who online shop at urban outfitters.

It's just now under the 100 degree mark for the first time (heat index that is) in two weeks. I can ride my bike without completely soiling my clothes.

Midnight tonight, the 11th, food stamps for the month kick in.

a-squandering my golden youth
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today [06 Aug 2010|11:42am]
This is the first day all week I've been able to ride my bicycle. The weather hasn't permitted me. 110+ heat indexes have kept me slow to motionless. But 9 this morning I looked out my window and saw that it had just rained.

I ruined a mouse the other day after riding my bike to the library and poured sweat into the computer.

Time to be productive.
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Trees [30 Jul 2010|05:44pm]
Luzon - 1943

Exudes a vicious disposition.
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who knows [29 Jul 2010|12:55pm]
Everything is great. Oxford Mississippi is a fairyland.
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what more can I say [13 Jun 2010|07:49pm]
There's a slug of light dripping over the distant trees. Winter trees, skeletons. I'm riding shotgun down from Okmulgee. The sun looks like a drop of soft gold and it's all I can see when I tighten my lids together, curing another overnight drive. The sky is grey. And the dirt. All the homes are too. A warm front swung up recently followed by a hard rain. Splash-back slung up on all those homes. Frozen mud. "There come a Pilot Station. This is Love's territory."

I got awarded a academic scholarship to the University of Mississippi. One thousand bucks. All the scholarships I've ever gotten were music related. This was the first one I've gotten that recognized my grades. Feels pretty good.

What to do about nothing?
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[10 Jun 2010|01:10am]
I must stop taking the casual glance at facebook pictures of wildly successful ex's of mine.

Still searching.

I met a preacher that writes his sermons over a running tab at the local bar. He seems to have some stories.
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[09 May 2010|12:23pm]
i quit
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well [21 Apr 2010|10:41am]

I have talented friends.

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two of hearts [20 Apr 2010|11:32am]

Here we go again.
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Bike Ridin [19 Apr 2010|12:21pm]

I came across a bicycle. A friend I recently made had a spare bicycle lying around and knew I've been walking from the Applebees to the square everyday. I got new tires for it and I popped the inner tube that day.

I deleted her number but I still write to her once a week. She probably thinks I'm in love with her or something so she's avoiding me.

I've been riding straight down the middle of the road on my bicycle with my headphones on. I look at every intersection as a possible pay day.

Larry Brown is killin me.
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oh well [17 Apr 2010|01:50pm]

this is my father with a busted lip in front of his van
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mia [07 Apr 2010|08:24pm]

Well I have been missing in action lately. I have been enjoying the spring time in Mississippi. It's funny how little I write in this when I am somewhat happy.

I've been sleeping in a tent in my sister's back yard. It's been great. Bullfrogs and bugs. I also bug this girl who works at the coffee shop on the square all the time.

I have been writing a lot. I've never devoted an afternoon to reading the entire sunday New York Times. I would suggest everyone doing that once a month.

Greg from The Bouncing Souls likes my cd I gave him when I opened up for Kevin Seconds and himself. Sent it in a facebook message.

My beard is nice and long. It doesn't look so bad when it's like this. Only inbetween.

I developed a few pictures from winter touring and the show in Iowa City and the drive from Salt Lake City to Denver, through Wyoming, are the ones that I grabbed out of the bag.

I got that attitude.
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[26 Mar 2010|09:23pm]
man. California sure was great.
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end of the road [26 Mar 2010|11:54am]

I am going to ride a bicycle to Barnes and Noble.

I'll listen to Boyz II Men along the way.

I don't really feel like anybody.

I got to make my own sushi last night with my friends at Dailey's apartment.
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Back In Mississippi [23 Mar 2010|01:56pm]
This video is something a kid filmed of me performing in Louisville Kentucky. It's off of facebook and I don't think I can actually post it. It's after I was going to play inside the venue and, as many times before, all the kids were hanging outside. I didn't really have the energy to hustle 50 kids inside so I just took my guitar on the sidewalk and played. Turned out pretty cool. I sometimes feel like a camp consular when people sit indian-style when I'm playing.

I walked to the community college here in town to send my transcript to Ole Miss yesterday. I got a facebook message from a concerned person who still lives in this town when she saw me walked two miles in the misty afternoon traffic. Asked if I was doing alright in my life like I was hitch hiking or something.

Everyone should see this band. Bear Trap.

My suitcase of books grew nicely over this past tour. This is what I did on 6 weeks of touring.
John Cheever - The Stories of John Cheever
Raymond Carver - Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?
Breece D'J Pancake - The Stories of Breece D'J Pancake (4th time)
William Faulkner - Intruder In The Dust
Franz Kafka - The Trial
Hubert Selby, Jr. - Requiem For A Dream
Knut Mamsun - Hunger
Larry Brown - Big Bad Love
Wright Morris - The Home Place
John Updike - Rabbit at Rest

Larry Brown got the impact.
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