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Back In Mississippi

This video is something a kid filmed of me performing in Louisville Kentucky. It's off of facebook and I don't think I can actually post it. It's after I was going to play inside the venue and, as many times before, all the kids were hanging outside. I didn't really have the energy to hustle 50 kids inside so I just took my guitar on the sidewalk and played. Turned out pretty cool. I sometimes feel like a camp consular when people sit indian-style when I'm playing.

I walked to the community college here in town to send my transcript to Ole Miss yesterday. I got a facebook message from a concerned person who still lives in this town when she saw me walked two miles in the misty afternoon traffic. Asked if I was doing alright in my life like I was hitch hiking or something.

Everyone should see this band. Bear Trap.

My suitcase of books grew nicely over this past tour. This is what I did on 6 weeks of touring.
John Cheever - The Stories of John Cheever
Raymond Carver - Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?
Breece D'J Pancake - The Stories of Breece D'J Pancake (4th time)
William Faulkner - Intruder In The Dust
Franz Kafka - The Trial
Hubert Selby, Jr. - Requiem For A Dream
Knut Mamsun - Hunger
Larry Brown - Big Bad Love
Wright Morris - The Home Place
John Updike - Rabbit at Rest

Larry Brown got the impact.
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