I must have been unconcious most of the time: I (jasonvericose) wrote,
I must have been unconcious most of the time: I

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so this is what I am reading. so punk.

I filled my moleskine for the month. I think I should recieve an endorsement. I need to be less selfaware, or, less assuming that people give a rats ass about me but I can't help to feel stupid pulling out that little notebook when inspiration strikes and I am in a bar or something. "oh look at the thinker, I'm sure he's making progress on a fucking short story channeling his inner Breece d'j Pancake, sucha young hemmingway haaaaaaaaa, aw his little mental tweets." ha. People can be that cynical here.

Oxford Mississippi. Rednecks who online shop at urban outfitters.

It's just now under the 100 degree mark for the first time (heat index that is) in two weeks. I can ride my bike without completely soiling my clothes.

Midnight tonight, the 11th, food stamps for the month kick in.

a-squandering my golden youth
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