I must have been unconcious most of the time: I (jasonvericose) wrote,
I must have been unconcious most of the time: I

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There is nothing like hearing the sound of tangiable doo-doo leaving someone's ass hole in a completely silent, tile floored, high ceiling room. Every fucking morning there is someone in the bottom floor bathroom eleviating themselves of their coffee shits cramp. The commode is always the one right next to the stall I am using. For peeing of course. It never fails. It sounds like masking tape being pulled off a leather sofa or some one punching in a jar of mayonaise. Then there is the whipe. A foot away from me. I am going to have to stop off at another bathroom before my 9 o'clock class from now on.

this is where I go to school. I have classes in a fairy land.
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