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jasonvericose's Journal

if you don't give a damn we don't give a fuck

I must have been unconcious most of the time: I
20 November
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KNUCK if you BUCK bwaaaah
7 seconds, a flock of seagulls, a love supreme, abstinence, absurdism, against me!, al green, an albatross, barbara ehrenreich, bartok, bass guitar, beat writers, berlin, bike gang knife fight, billy joel, blondie, body dismorphic disorder, british sea power, broken social scene, califone, camus, carl orff, carmina burana, charles ives, charles mingus, chet baker, city of caterpillar, cody chesnutt, coldplay, curtis fuller, damien jurado, daughters, dave bruebeck, democratic republic of congo, descendents, desmond dekker, dexter gordon, don giovanni, dr pepper, dvorak, elefant, elliott smith, elvis costello, embrace today, eugene debs, fog, franz ferdinand, freddy mercury, gabriel faure, gang of four, generation-x, giacomo puccini, ginsburg, godspeed! you black emperor, gregory corso, groovie ghoulies, guiseppe verdi, gustov holst, hard bop, hayden, howard zinn, hudson falcons, interpol, iron and wine, jil sander, john adams, john brown, jonathan livingston seagull, kerouac, kierkegaard, kings of leon, langston hughes, longwave, lucero, mallet percussion, mando diao, mates of state, medgar evers, morrissey, moving units, music theory, nada surf, neal cassady, of means and ends, oliver's army, on!air!library!, pagliacci, paul chambers, pedro the lion, phantom regiment, philip gourevitch, queen, r. kelly, radio 4, radio vago, ramones, rigoletto, riverdales, rufus wainwright, rwanda, ryan adams, scene creamers, schoenberg, shaking my ass, shostakovich, sigur ros, singing, sir edward elgar, slow jams, slowreader, smetena, songs: ohia, soophie nun squad, squirrel nut zippers, stravinksy, stretchy jeans, sufjan stevens, sweet tea, ted leo, the aislers set, the byrds, the cars, the decemberists, the flying burrito brothers, the guess who, the jam, the mars volta, the mooney suzuki, the natural history, the progressive, the rapture, the roots, the sea and cake, the steve miller band, the stills, the strokes, the velvet underground, the zombies, thelonious monk, three-6 mafia, trachtenburg family slideshow players, tristeza, ugly casanova, underoath, veganism, virginity, w.e.b. dubois, webern, whiskeytown, william carlos williams